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Cape Town is one of the premier Game Fishing venues worldwide.  World records for albacore are often set. Other species, which occur in vast shoals, are yellowfin tuna, yellowtail and snoek.

The mighty broadbill swordfish are found off this beautiful coastline.  Albacore up to 40 Kg are caught in great numbers using rapalas, feathers and lures. Once a shoal is located the boat will stop and sardine bait is used.

Yellowfin tuna up to 100 Kg are also found. The best months for these fish are October – November and March – May. The autumn and winter months bring yellowtail and snoek.

The method of fishing is the same as for the tuna species although lighter tackle (6kg) is usually employed. 10kg Line for albacore and 20kg tackle will suffice for yellowfin.

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