Fishing Trips on offer

Bronze Whaler Shark Strandfontien Broken Road Cape Town
NON-edS Species

We offer a Western Cape experience for the targeting of a wide range of Shark and Ray speiceis endemic to South African waters. Some species may include The Ragged Toothed Shark, Bronze Whaler Shark, Spotted Gulley Shark etc. and a wide range of Sting Rays and Skates.

Kob caught at Macassar beach
Surf Edible Species

Cape Town has a wild variety of surf dwelling Edible Species that put up an unforgettable fight. Some of these species may include: Kabeljou AKA Kob, White Steenbras, Shad AKA Elf, Garrick AKA Leervis, Tasselfish AKA Belman/Baardman etc. and as you can see, we specialize in landing them!

Reef Edible Species

From the South African National Fish, Dichistius Capensis AKA Galjoen to Balcktail and White Stumpnose, the Western Cape offers a wide vairety of reef dwellers that put up a memorable fight on light tackle and are reasonably easy to catch in almost any conditions.